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Abian Howe-Alexander


Sending your child to Upper Level Educational Institute is one of the best decisions you can make as a parent. ULEI provides the most caring,  conducive, clean and loving environment for my child. My daughter was successful with her CSEC studies and now she is in Form 6 pursuing CAPE all because of this school. This was one of the best decisions I ever made for her.


Devi Krishendath

Part Time CSEC Student

My decision to pursue my studies at Upper Level Educational Institute was the best I ever made. ULEI has been a great contributor towards the overall development of my academic performance. I am very grateful indeed to have come across the most amazing and motivating teachers and staff at the institute. They encouraged and supported me throughout my entire academic journey. They were all very consistent and put in a lot of effort to ensure that their students, like myself, were prepared for examination.

Hema Mansinghlal_edited.jpg

Hema Mansingh


I am grateful to you all for the excellence in education that you practice. My son has been in your lesson classes from Form 2 and wrote CSEC this year. I am filled with confidence that his results will be good because you have taught him well and with professionalism. Your entire institution is inspiring and you all are truly dedicated to the no child left behind model. Again, thanks to Principal, Teachers Office staff, Security and all because you all are not only about a business in education but helping uplift families as well.

Levi pic_edited.jpg

Levi Elihu Khan (Day Classes Student)

My name is Levi Elihu Khan. I was a Standard Two (2)

drop-out. Nine (9) years later at age seventeen (17), with no prior knowledge but only of a Standard Two (2), I made the decision to return to school. Ms. Shoba Bedasie Principal of Upper Level gave me a chance to study CSEC subjects at ULEI. Three (3) years later, I obtained a full CXC Certificate of five (5) subjects in Science. With that certificate, I got accepted to pursue the N1 Programme, now I am pursuing my BSc Degree in UWI, St. Augustine Campus. Thanks to the Principal Ms. Bedasie, the Teachers and Sir Peter Khan my brother. I recommend ULEI to anyone seeking a secondary education.

Shivani Boodoo bg.jpg

Shivani Boodoo

“I pursued the full-time 2 year CAPE programme at ULEI and upon completion, I obtained grades ones and twos which I was very proud of. I must give credit to the hardworking Teachers and staff as they played an integral part to my success. While academics was the main focus time was still allotted for fun activities, which helped many of the students de-stress and still have fun while learning. This was the best 2 years of my school life! I would recommend anyone to pursue their studies at ULEI as the staff ensures that each and every student is successful in reaching their desired goals.”

Ethan Ramdin bg.jpg

Ethan Ramdin

“I entered Upper Level Educational Institute in Form 4 to pursue the full time CSEC Science programme and wrote exams at the end of Form 5. This school has provided me with a safe environment and tools for success. The teachers are very responsive and they apply knowledge, so the subjects came alive. The Principal, Academic and Administrative staff all assist in creating a school that has a culture that supports learning and progression. Thank you Upper Level for helping me achieve 6 ones and 1 two at the CSEC level!”

Faith Dyette bg.jpg

Faith Dyette

"I started at Upper Level Educational Institute in pursuit of their Computer Literacy course. I had some knowledge of certain areas which were being taught, but in other areas it was all new to me. On conclusion of this course I obtained an A+. I credit this achievement to the teacher Mr. Neshad Mohammed. He took his time to explain every aspect in detail and made it fun and simple for everyone to understand. This resulted in the entire class excelling. I will be back for the advanced version and will certainly recommend ULEI to anyone looking to pursue the courses offered there. Thank you ULEI.”

Sita Sankar bg.jpg

Sita Sankar

"I  graduated from Chaguanas South Secondary with all passes however, I wanted to do pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) to lead me into my career choice. I started evening classes studying pure sciences from
the beginning and it was difficult.  I decided to pursue studies at Upper Level Educational Institute and I joined the Day Classes. It was so much easier for me, the Teachers went out of their way for me to understand and excel, if I didn't have the encouragement I would not have passed the pure
sciences with all grade 1's. Thank you Upper Level!"

Pauline Jack bg.jpg

Pauline Jack

“I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning, ULEI is the place to go. The teachers ensure that you grasp and fully understand the entire syllabus. For example, the Chemistry teacher motivated us to excel and do our best. He explained and corrected past papers that I attempted on my own, giving individual attention whenever needed. I was able to attain grade ones in both Chemistry and Physics. With God, hard work, dedication, sacrifice and awesome teachers anyone can achieve their goals.”

Premi Ramkissoon bg.jpg

Premi Ramkissoon

“Pursuing A’ Levels was a challenging journey however, I was fortunate enough to successfully complete full time Form 6 at ULEI. My 2 years at ULEI were memorable, exciting and enjoyable. My Teachers, Principal, VP, administrative staff as well as the ancillary staff became my family and ULEI became my home away from home. The Teachers were like parents to me as I could approach them with any difficulties. They all provided the extra push when I needed it and convinced me not to give up when times started to get difficult.  While at ULEI I served as a Senior Prefect. I learnt how to be a leader in a world dominated by followers. My advice to those who are considering to do Form 6 is to go for it and don't give up. When you fail, try again and you will succeed. Use the trials and tribulations you face to your advantage and learn from it. Another thing I learnt at Upper Level; when you face problems don't be sad, instead, be happy that your problems are teaching you a lesson. Thank you Upper Level for your support and thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself!”

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Reah Burgan

“Just wanted to let the staff at ULEI know that you guys are doing an amazing job with those kids. My daughter was part of your vacation classes which she enjoyed tremendously. I was also additionally pleased when I saw her report card. She loves ULEI more than her regular school, according to her you guys make learning fun. Keep up the great work you guys are recommended highly!”

female 4.jpg

Angel Grey

“My son went to this school and he came out with distinctions, I will recommend any parent who is willing to invest in their child it will be money well spent and you won’t regret it.”

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Vastri Jaisumair

“This is the best investment you can ever make in life. From experience I can truly say ULEI has the best, most experienced Teachers who are dedicated and work with students to excel.”



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