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full time students


Our schedule accommodates persons desirous of pursuing studies either full-time, part-time (day classes) or part-time (evenings & Saturdays) in a range of subjects.

CAPE Classes


Our schedule accommodates persons desirous of pursuing studies  full-time,  in a range of business and science subjects.

Online Classes


Students can now pursue a range of CSEC subjects fully online.



This course is ideal for beginners, students, school leavers and job seekers. It is intended to give computer users a working knowledge and familiarity with personal computers in business and personal environment.

Vacation Classes


Have Fun While Learning! Vacation classes are conducted every July/August. Our vacation classes aim to encourage and support student learning.

student, learning


Learn to set up and maintain a complete computerized accounting system.

Peachtree is a computerized accounting software designed to assist small to large businesses with their daily accounting functions


Abian Howe_edited_edited.jpg

Abian Howe-Alexander


Sending your child to Upper Level Educational Institute is one of the best decisions you can make as a parent. ULEI provides the most caring, conducive, clean and loving environment for my child. My daughter was successful with her CSEC studies and now she is in Form 6 pursuing CAPE all because of this school. This was one of the best decisions I ever made for her.


Devi Krishendath

(CSEC Student)

My decision to pursue my studies at Upper Level Educational Institute was the best I ever made. ULEI has been a great contributor towards the overall development of my academic performance. I am very grateful indeed to have come across the most amazing and motivating teachers and staff at the institute. They encouraged and supported me throughout my entire academic journey. They were all very consistent and put in a lot of effort to ensure that their students, like myself, were prepared for examination.

Hema Mansinghlal_edited.jpg

Hema Mansingh


I am grateful to you all for the excellence in education that you practice. My son has been in your lesson classes from Form 2 and wrote CSEC this year. I am filled with confidence that his results will be good because you have taught him well and with professionalism. Your entire institution is inspiring and you all are truly dedicated to the no child left behind model. Again, thanks to Principal, Teachers Office staff, Security and all because you all are not only about a business in education but helping uplift families as well.


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